Vaxfab Enterprises ltd

About Us

Company was initially formed as a Ellora Trading Limited on 9th February 1983 at Kolkata under the provision of the Companies Act, 1956 with vide Certificate of Incorporation dated 9th February 1983 and date of a certificate of commencement of business dated 16th February, 1984 issued by Registrar of Companies, West Bengal. Subsequently, vide order of Regional Director dated 15th July 2016, the Company has amended MOA for Change of place of registered office from State of West Bengal to State of Gujarat and subsequently to order, Registrar of Companies, Gujarat issued new CIN L51909GJ1983PLC093146. Further, on 24th August, 2022, the Name of the Company is changed from Ellora Trading Limited to Vaxfab Enterprises Limited.(CIN : L51100GJ1983PLC093146 )

The Equity Shares are listed on the BSE Limited (“BSE”) and The Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited (“CSE”) (the “Stock Exchanges”)

We are in the business of trading of Agriculture Products and propose to diversify business into trading of Textile Products and Clothing. All the verticals will be housed under a single corporate entity. This will facilitate our diversification into new segments which in turn will help us in serving a large number of customers across various sectors.

Our business is divided into two separate business verticals, consisting of: a) Agriculture; b) Textile and Clothing Trading verticals.